About me

I am a PhD researcher at The University of Queensland, in the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science, and a research assistant in the Quantitative and Applied Ecology group at the University of Melbourne. I started my PhD in October 2019, and am focusing on ways to create practical conservation targets for financial institutions. I am currently working with Prof Martine Maron and Prof Brendan Wintle and would love to foster both academic and industry collaborators throughout the life of the project, so please contact me (see below) if this work interests you.

Since 2014, and now ongoing, I have worked with Prof Wintle on a variety of conservation and applied ecology projects. These have included population viability analyses, habitat modelling, investigating trade impacts on biodiversity, spatial prioritization, decision tools and spatial ecology. I also work as part of the NESP Threatened Species Recovery hub, managing and providing  support for a number of projects across different themes.


Some rather promising-looking great desert skink habitat

In 2013, I completed my Masters of Science (Botany), under the supervision of Brendan and A/Prof. Michael Kearney (from Zoology’s CAMEL group) at Melbourne uni. I looked at the role that fire plays in the distribution and persistence of the great desert skink, Liopholis kintorei. I investigated the role of model uncertainty on persistence outcomes, to better understand what types of risks managers take when choosing a certain plan of action (in this case, fire management at Newhaven Wildlife sanctuary). You can find the paper here.

Previously, I completed my Bachelor of Science at Melbourne Uni, majoring in Zoology.

If you are interested in knowing more about my work, please don’t hesitate to contact me via any of the avenues below.

Contact Details:

Email: ncadenhead[at]unimelb.edu.au

Twitter: @tashcadenhead